Random Wednesday Morning Thoughts

  • Well, even though there was some evidence of a crime, the prosecutors decided not to prosecute him, but they took special care to announce that he was not exonerated.  This made some people very, very angry who thought it called into question the very fabric of our justice system. To create even more skepticism, the investigative reports which the prosecutors based their decision upon were not be made public. Then the man, happy with the decision, announced he had been telling the truth all along, was guilty of nothing, and in fact it was he who was the victim.  Who is it? (A) Jussie Smollett. (B) Donald Trump. (C) Hey, they both work!
  • She left out the part about blonde hair and a curvy figure. 

  • The Waco ISD superintendent resigned for misdemeanor weed possession. That seems harsh. It was revealed he was caught while driving back from an interview for Houston ISD, and we all know interviews are stressful. Cut the man a break.
  • OU and Clemson have scheduled a home and home! When? 2035 and 2036.  Any true freshman playing in that game is currently two years old. 
  • The Supreme Court takes up some some odd cases. Yesterday, it ruled a guy has the right to hunt moose in Alaska by using a hovercraft on the National River. And random opinions like that teach us such things as: "For 90 years after buying Alaska, the Federal Government owned all its land. At first, those living in Alaska—a few settlers and some 30,000 Natives—were hardly aware of that fact." 
  • Mrs. LL confessed to me that she just heard part of a segment on The Ticket where they were mocking a person's tie breaker score for their NCAA bracket.  For some reason, she feared her score must be too low so she changed it to . . . 
  • Things you didn't know: The lynching of Henry Smith in Paris, Texas, 1893. (It wasn't a hanging. It was torture followed by fire.)  And just look at that turnout. Some people argue about whether Texas is truly considered part of the "South." There's no question East Texas was, and still is, not only the South but the Deep South. 
  • There is nothing this Administration can't screw up.  Special Olympics and Autism? Really? But let's get excited about things like Space Force as if we are 10 year old boys.
  • Michael Irvin announced on Instagram that he has had a biopsy which is being tested for throat cancer -- and he included a photo of him in the hospital bed. Does it make me a jerk to think it's a little odd to seek sympathy before the results come back?
  • Mike Lee on the floor of Congress yesterday. Idiocracy. (Although that poster looks vaguely familiar to long time readers.)
  • Boeing has a public relations nightmare going on.
  • Valid point: If Kenneth Starr thought it was necessary for us to know the details about Clinton's sexual acts with Lewinsky, aren't we entitled to know what evidence of Obstruction exists that keeps Trump from being exonerated? 
  • Still one of the weirdest laws on the books. In New Jersey, you can't pump your own gas. Mrs. LL and I saw it first hand when we passengers with friends. We were very confused when he pulled up to a pump and just sat there waiting. 
  • Messenger: Above The Fold.