Random Thursday Morning Thoughts

  • Fox 4 had another story of a marijuana bust in Wise County of folks who legally bought the vast majority of it in the United States. (By the way, Clarice Tinsley, who everyone loves but I can't stand, referred to our sheriff as "Lane Atkins.") 
    And another stolen highway sign!
  • It's a weird story out of Chico where the AD/Head Coach resigned but instead has a status of "suspended with pay" by the school board. Regardless, Matt Stepp from Dave Campbell's Texas Football doesn't like what's going on:
  • Here's a new one for me: Yesterday the Court of Appeals in Texarkana reversed a case out of Lamar County because the defendant's court appointed lawyer submitted billing records with detailed, damaging, and confidential information that became a public record (you kidding me?) and the prosecutor was then dumb enough to use the records at trial against the defendant. Some of the billing records:
  • A guy named William Green (no relation) slugged his public defender in Florida.
  • Why I love Twitter: 
  • Texas is killing a Buddhist tonight who is given a choice of a Christian chaplain or no clergy at all. Incredible. 
  • Liberty University (think Jerry Falwell, Jr.) has a company that sells jet fuel. Really. Weird, huh? There's more: After the election of Trump, the company got a $900,000 contract to sell fuel to the federal government. (I don't know if Falwell's pool boy is involved. Probably not.)
  • Do. Your. Job.

  • Tarrant County had two felony cases this week: (1) A hung jury on a murder trial, and (2) a four year sentence on a case which carried with it 5 year to 99 years/Life.
  • It's Rangers' Opening Day. Enjoy it. It's all downhill from here. 
  • He's clueless. (And all those workers in the Permian Basin will certainly thank him for trying to kill their jobs.)
    Who is he thanking by the way?
    He's probably too young to remember oil
    at $111 a barrel in 2014.

  • Just an NFL quarterback trying to get special treatment with regular people problems. (And a guy who doesn't understand the difference between a "direct flight" and a "nonstop flight".)
  • I've found the ugliest building housing an appellate court in Texas: The Tyler Court of Appeals. (Still thinking about the Accident or Crime case pending there.)
  • The fake cowboys at the Evil Empire (who fire the cannon after a TD) have been suspended for six years due to hazing the night before a traffic accident which led to a death. "During the retreat, the members were coerced to chug a gallon of milk and eat cat food, Spam, Tabasco sauce, minced garlic and whole onions, the document said. One member was coerced into biting the head off of a live hamster." Never understood hazing. Never will.