Random Monday Morning Thoughts

  • At least he didn't take a knee.
  • Rev. Robert Jeffress skipped church at FBC Dallas to be on Fox News and say the prayer at Talladega (to a bunch of other people who skipped church.)
  • A lot of truth to this:

  • Hot Sports Opinion: The Big 12 just isn't very good.
  • Dumb Texas Government: Hey, prosecutors, did you know you now have to go to an extra step to get fingerprints on TDC "pen packets" because DPS won't let TDC release them? More work at taxpayer expense for everyone!
  • Regarding "gender reveal" parties: Could you just post something online that I could ignore instead?
  • Decatur, which had been giving up 56 points a game, had a big win on Friday night by beating #10 Wichita Falls Hirschi. Somehow that led me to the Top 10 in 2A and "How They Fared." I'm too lazy to calculate the average victory margin but I think they've got the Top 10 pretty well pegged.
  • Krum High School is about to implode due to allegations of grade weight shifting with blame alleged at the feet of the Principal and her husband teacher. Check out this story in the Record Chronicle where you can just feel the incredible tension. When the Mayor - that's right, the Mayor -goes to Facebook and begins a post with "I spoke tonight at the KISD board meeting related to an issue many asked me to speak on, and my comments were cut short by the President of the board . . . . " you know trouble is brewing. And they are just begging for a Whistleblower lawsuit when "administrator Bernard Lightfoot was asked to resign by Monday — and threatened with firing if he didn't . . . . "
  • Trump was on 60 Minutes last night. The best thing to come out of it was that we learned he has this "painting" hanging in the White House. I'd have more respect if he had Dogs Playing Poker hanging on the wall.

  • The Proud Boys Took Manhattan and got caught on video. They beat a small group of protesters Friday night following an appearance at the Metropolitan Republican Club by Proud Boys founder Gavin McInnes. They even posed for a picture after the attack. (Notice that hand symbol if you didn't think that is a "thing".)
  • A plea bargain deal for four years deferred adjudication is on the table, but I'm not sure the judge has approved it yet: 
  • In looking at an old Texas Monthly over the weekend I saw an article on the deserved demise of drug task forces across Texas. Remember Tulia? This was the last paragraph  of the article, stressing it was all about money, referring to the Cross Timbers Task Force (which was "Denton-based") of which Wise County was a member. 

  • "Bank" on it: America won't do anything to the Saudis. 
  • As a Sports Expert, I'm obligated to tell you to tap your brakes on that Cowboys' win.
  • Messenger: Above The Fold
  • Trump owes Pocahontas one million dollars . . .  (Edit: Moments ago he lied and said he never said it.)