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Random Monday Morning Thoughts

  • This is beyond bizarre: A FEMA "Presidential Alert" test will be sent to your cell phone on Thursday at 1:18 p.m. CST.  
  • Bryson, west of Jacksboro, had a tough time Friday night: "BRYSON – Strawn is the defending Class A Division II champions and looked the part Friday in a 72-7 shellacking of Bryson. The game was called at halftime for the 45-point mercy rule."
  • The Coast Guard removed this member (in red circle) after flashing a White Power symbol on MSNBC last week. If you watch the video, there is no question it is intentional.

  • I don't know anything about this mega-church in Grand Prairie but the fact that a former pastor can win $4 million from it in a lawsuit doesn't exactly seem what Jesus had intended. 
  • A Harvey joke by Red Raider fans (which probably didn't go over well):
  • And Trump wants the border patrol to protect us against MS-13. Who knew we needed protection from the border patrol instead?
  • And lord knows I'm no journalist, but I don't have any problem with the AP referring to the women as prostitutes. They backed off of that even though they believe the assertion to be accurate. If he was targeting prostitutes, that's relevant to the story. 
  • For local media fans only: WFAA has blocked TV Critic Ed Bark on Twitter. Some in local media are the biggest babies. 
  • TCU lost to Ohio State, 40-28, but they looked so good I don't who would win between OU and TCU right now.  (And I'm always amazed by the Vegas Line. Ohio State was a 12.5 point favorite.) This week it is TCU vs. Texas and TCU is a 3 point favorite which seems too low.
  • I'd be remiss in not celebrating UNT's win over the Root Hogs without reflecting back to the the great 1970s "Flying Worm" helmet.
  • Legal but very shady: 
  • The woman accusing Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh of groping her came forward and identified herself over the weekend. (The nomination may now actually be in trouble.) She also named an accomplice: Mark Judge. Someone found his high school year book, and he seems like a real charmer. 
  • The details don't matter, but the Dallas Morning News endorsed someone named Williams for a state district judgeship after saying this about her: 
  • Texas! And, Snowflake (yep, that's the cat's name) was stabbed 12 times.
  • "The US State Department issued a new travel warning for Mexico on Wednesday night after authorities found eight dead bodies in the popular resort town Cancun within the span of a few days." This isn't going to help tourism. 
  • Soon coming to Arlington. But, man, that name and graphic.
  • I had no idea the comic's mother sang, "Lovin' You" -- that crazy 1970s hit which has her hitting a note that no one else can hit
  • Happy Constitution Day (to what's left of it.)
  • Every time I hear the name of the victim Botham Jean (pronounced JON), the victim in the Mistaken Apartment case in Dallas, I hear "Elton John."
  • Messenger: Above The Fold.