The Campaign For DA


Random Wednesday Morning Thoughts

  • Bridgeport ISD is purchasing 670 Macbook Airs for the high school per the Messenger. We've got some redistribution of wealth going on!!!
  • Mrs. LL gets involved in something called "geocaching". She emailed me yesterday morning to tell me she was looking for something in a tree when she fell out of it. Girl ain't right. 
  • TV and print media have to love election time. The ad revenue has to be insane. 
  • Ted Nugent has said some crazy stuff over the years but Greg Abbott must not be aware of it. He dodged the criticism of their joint appearance in Denton yesterday by saying, "I can't read everything."
  • The only part of the Olympics I watched last night was snowboarding -- five or six guys going down the mountain at the same time. It was carnage. It was fantastic.
  • The guy in the back of the two man bobsled has the worst job, right?
  • Two kinds of "Hot Pockets" are being recalled due to being made with "diseased and unhealthy animals." Good lord. 
  • A "constitutional conservative"? Not sure I've heard that one thrown out in campaign ads before. I guess it's the result of trying to out conservative the conservative.
  • I didn't follow Michael Dunn trial out of Florida. I don't know why. (But I do believe that people over emphasis the "stand your ground" instruction that jurors receive. In the end, I'm guessing, they "try to do the right thing" instead of literally reading and applying the legal instructions they receive before they deliberate.)
  • Frisco banned e-cigarettes yesterday. For a region that hates big government, we sure do have a lot of big government. 
  • Fox 4 kept showing a "Navy dad surprises daughter" video. Touching? Yes. A worn out bit that we no longer need to see? Absolutely.
  • A friend of The Sophomore in the House who was over yesterday had a "Keep Calm and Save Babies" t-shirt on. 
  • The Decatur Lady Eagles got bounced from the basketball playoffs last night after hitting one field goal in the second half. 
  • More TCU football problems: Their second leading receiver has been kicked off the team for pot possession.  I think that's too harsh. (Baylor kicked out Josh Gordon for two violations before he could even blossom -- and that guy, by they way, may be on his way to being the best receiver in the NFL.) Another football note: Former Baylor and current NFL players RG3, Terrance Williams, Kendall Wright, and Gordon would make a heck of a starting QB/WR group. 
  • WFAA says there is a "Fire Weather Watch" in effect for tomorrow. I think that's a weird phrase but I'm not sure why. 
  • When I hit the snooze button, I tend not to go back to sleep but instead tend to lie there waiting for the inevitable repeat of the buzzer. 
  • The Aggies are installing a video board at Kyle Field larger than the one UT has. Countdown to video board wars in three, two . . . 
  • The Cowboys and the Ravens flipped a coin this morning to see who gets the 16th and 17th pick in the draft this Spring. Really. (And people are saying it would cost a 4th rounder to move from 16 to 17?)