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Random Monday Morning Thoughts

Edit: Due to repeat

  • Mrs. LL and I saw American Hustle this weekend. Verdict: Very good. And the late seventies soundtrack was an added bonus/ (Side note: That little Jennifer Lawrence is going to be the next big thing.)
  • I learned I've been confused January Jones and Amy Adams for over two years -- which is silly since they look nothing alike. 
  • And we basically never go to a movie unless it is being shown at one of those places that's a combo restaurant/theater. 
  • Tarrant County DA's press release regarding various cops charged with forging overtime slips: “Based upon the Tarrant County District Attorney’s high ethical standards, these cases are being dismissed in the interest of justice.”  Can you call yourself ethical? Isn't that a term that others should use about you?
  • I saw a tweet about Senate hopeful (and nutcase) Steve Stockman giving a speech that was closed to the press. I wanted to read the story but some outfit called Texas Weekly has a subscription fee of $250 per year!
  • That water outage in Bridgeport is inexcusable, right? 
  • I can't wait to hear the real story of how Derek Holland blew out his knee. I'm guessing he was on stilts in a clown outfit. 
  • Lane Kiffin has been named the offensive coordinator at Alabama. It'll be interesting to see if he can destroy that program as well.
  • If I hear that Bruno Marrs song one more time, I might off myself.
  • Mrs. LL and I ended up watching an episode for the last season of Girls over the weekend. Is it always that intense?
  • The Golden Globes once again proved its the only awards show worth watching.
  • The E! Network made a fun fact out of Michael J. Fox's Parkinson's disease.
  • I haven't been to a high school basketball game in years, but Decatur 67, Bridgeport 33 sounds like a beat down. 
  • They introduced the Punt, Pass and Kick winners during halftime at one of the games yesterday. I remember when they actually had the passing competition during halftime. (Some kid would be dressed up in the opposing team's uniform and get booed. Good times.) 
  • There was some kind of Tea Party "Freedom Rally" in the metroplex this weekend where Ted Cruz spoke. There is absolutely no chance of him winning the Republican nomination but I'd love to see him try. 
  • I've been a long time critic of Peter King and especially the drivel that is Monday Morning Quarterback. Case in point: Just read the small portion where he recounts his interaction between himself and another guy on a train here.
  • "Study finds MTV’s '16 and Pregnant' may have prevented 20,000+ births to teenage moms in 2010." I didn't think kids were that smart.
  • I'm not sure he played (he was nursing a calf injury), but it had to be a pretty interesting game yesterday for Bridgeport's Colin Jones. He was drafted by the 49ers and then traded to the Panthers. 
  • A Southwest airlines flight landed at the wrong airport yesterday. That is beyond comprehension.