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Random Monday Morning Thoughts

  • Mrs. LL became violently ill yesterday (if projectile vomiting equals violently ill). I proclaimed to the Kids in the House that I was the Best Husband In The World after cleaning up a bathroom that required a trip to the grocery store to get Drano. They told me "TMI". I agree.
  • As good at weather forecasting has become, those boys missed the Arctic Blast Of 2013 like nobody's business.
  • The OSU beat down of Baylor was just that: A beat down. The only consolation I have is that I'm not heart broken over a last second field goal.  Baylor was beaten. Badly. No excuses.
  • Channel 8 replayed the original two hours of their coverage of the JFK assassination. It was fascinating. A ramped up anchor talking and smoking while he brings in Mr. Peppermint was golden TV.
  • New Fox 4 gal Jenny Anchondo is pretty hot and pretty good. Is she the reason Fiona is leaving? 
  • Mrs. LL took two kids to the new Hunger Games movie at 11:30 p.m. on Saturday.
  • And I know nothing about the Hunger Games but the lead actress was on David Letterman last week. The girl looked high. When she revealed that she still had to go to a premiere and a party, Letterman asked how she could hold up. She said, "They will stick a needle in my butt and say 'Dance monkey.'" Someone needs to watch that girl. 
  • If you are in a tent outside of a store waiting for "Black Friday", there's a reason your in a tent and waiting. Decision making does not come easy to you. 
  • I've got a great post coming about a trip to King's Spa in Dallas. I ended there yesterday.
  • Judge Jerry Ray's "bizarre outburst" at a Tarrant County jury has now found its way to American Bar Association Journal where they even gave proper credit to this here blog
  • The Fifth Grader in the House will tell me from time to time, "Good luck. We're all counting on you." And I don't think she's ever seen Airplane.
  • Can I admit that Mrs. LL and I woke up on Saturday morning at 3:00 a.m. and watched The Notebook
  • BagofNothing guy opined this morning that the Bush family legacy trumps the Kennedy family legacy. Couldn't disagree more. Substance is what we will remember. 
  • There was another Fort Worth police shooting which resulted in death. I'm sure it's justified but it doesn't help that the officer was part of an outfit called the "Fugitive Unit and Zero Tolerance Unit". 
  • Another Eagle Mountain Lake earthquake over night. 
  • Edit: Random college football observation -- The very dumb coached Florida Gators lost to Georgia Southern who, get this, did not complete a pass and only tried to throw three times.