Random Monday Morning Thoughts

  • Somehow Mrs. LL got hooked on The Real Housewives of New Jersey. She had some Reunion shows on and at first I thought they were acting. Then a came to the conclusion they are authentically crazy. 
  • We sold the new puppy over the weekend. I was expecting a house full of crying girls but it went off smoothly. 
  • I don't know anything about basketball, but the chances of the Mavericks landing Chris Paul or any other free agent in non-existent. Mark Cuban is like the guy who thinks all the cool kids will want to hang out with him even for less money. That's fatally flawed thinking.
  • From the email bag: "Hey Barry, just got this from a very reliable source that DPS will be doing a massive DOT sweep in Wise County June 4,5 & 6. All 18 wheelers, dually pickups (even empty) and any vehicle (including cars) pulling a trailer will be subject to being stopped and undergo a DOT inspection. A lot of companies are shutting down for this 3 day fund raiser."
  • Mrs. LL and I jumped on the trampoline together. Not for long, though. Laying down on it afterwards may he been the best part. 
  • There's quite a bit or irony of the Messenger putting behind a paywall a story which is headlined: "County Activates New Emergency Alert System." Pay or die?
  • If you are a storm chaser, you're asking for death. 
  • Most awkward moment ever: We went to the pool with six kids this weekend (ours and friends) and played some goofed up keep away game with the football. Mrs. LL came over to me about halfway through: "You might want to kid get that kid off your back. She's not in our group or a friend of the group." Panic. 
  • Jean Stapelton (Edith Bunker) died over the weekend. I'm still remember as a kid when ABC brought her in to do color commentary during a Harlem Globetrotters game. Really. The sad thing was that they had her act in Edith Bunker's character. Even then I was offended. I wanted to know what she was really like. 
  • Dennis Prager: "I've never met any one who doesn't love -- absolutely love -- a genre of music." His circle of friends has to be, say, two. 
  • I thought military trials were quick and led to injustice. So what's the deal with the alleged Fort Hood shooter? Californian would have been done with this thing by now. 
  • I read a long article from the New York Times this weekend about how the drug trade moved from Columbia to Mexico. Fascinating stuff. And with the billions of money being involve,  the arresting of some American sap for possession under a gram just screams futility. 
  • Josh Hamilton's awful performance (8 home runs and 18 RBIs) this season has earned him $5,825,245 in paychecks.