Random Thursday Morning Thoughts

  • Fox 4 had a segment last night about how $4,000 was raised to bring a dog bag from Afghanistan. That prompted Mrs. LL to yell, "And those people on the blog claim I'm running a puppy mill! Why don't the gripe about that."   I just told her that she ought to be mad that a Muslim dog was adopted when we have so many red-blooded American dogs that need homes.
  • The Mavs were officially eliminated from the playoff last night. Check back in a decade. 
  • The Thanksgiving game between UT and Texas Tech will be shown on Fox Sports 1 -- a network that doesn't exist yet. 
  • Stolen line: "The Masters golf tournament starts today in Augusta, Georgia. It's like Burning Man for the 1%."
  • Agree with this line I heard: I hate it when I watch a DVR'd program, forget it is DVR'd, and then start watching the show after the one I recorded only to be quickly interrupted with "Would you like to delete the recording?"
  • I'm going to Memphis in the fall. Never been there. 
  • There was a comment yesterday supporting Accidental Racist. I've seen everything now. 
  • "Finally, TABC has an app to tell you when you're drunk."  The spokesperson for TABC was on the radio this morning and she sounded sooooo beaten down and defensive about this silliness.
  • I've heard people rant and rave about the upcoming technology of the 3D printer (which sounds more like a computerized machinist tool than a printer, but I haven't seen a video of it yet.) I've been recording some program called Vice because I was told they had a fascinating segment on it but no such luck so far. 
  • A story yesterday proclaimed "PC Sales Plummeting".  I believe it. Tablets have to curtail the market, and it seems, at least to me, PCs built in the last two years seem more reliable and less subject to being bogged down. 
  • That new Baby Pup will be cuter won't it? Say once it does something, like, get up and walk!? 
  • Dennis Prager is still a nut to me. And his stance against public education (or any type of "secular" college or university) makes him sound like the preacher out of Footloose. And a couple of days ago he said, "I can tell when one of my callers has been home-schooled."  Realizing what he said could be taken two ways, he quickly had to stammer out the words "because they are more polite and more intelligent." 
  • The other day I saw a recent report created by the Secret Service after they did a forensic analysis on a cell phone. Think about every text, every phone call number incoming or outgoing, your contacts, any photo, and more being printed out.