Random Wednesday Morning Thoughts

  • One headline: "Perry Says State Oversight Would Not Have Prevented Blast." And then this one: "West Explosion Investigation:  More Than 70 Agents Searching for Cause." So Perry doesn't know the cause of the explosion but knows what wouldn't have prevented it? 
  • The Elvis impersonator who was accused of sending poison to the President was released yesterday and all charges dropped. That whole sentence makes me insane. 
  • Re: Boston's David Ortiz dropping an F-Bomb when addressing the crowd last weekend at Fenway Park: In the argument over "speaking from the heart" vs. "moron", I'll go with moron. 
  • After 9/11, I had the opinion that bombs going off every other month in a random Taco Bell, CVS, or Red Lobster would do a heck of a lot more to terrorize the American public than one cataclysmic attack. Still believe it. 
  • Today, JerryWorld will be announced as the first home of the National Championship game for college football's four team playoff beginning after the 2014 season. But why in the world in year's #2 and #3 of the playoffs are the semi-final games being held on New Year's Eve instead of New Year's Day? (Also, smart guys, scan to the bottom of this official page for the calender -- those years and days don't make sense, do they?)
  • Some guy decided to rob a Whataburger off of Brentwood Stair this morning in Fort Worth and ended up getting shot three times by police. One officer got shot in the leg. Think that was well planned? 
  • I think I spend a fortune on cell phones and Internet. 
  • Relationship gap: Mrs. LL loves playing cards. I have no desire to play cards. 
  • Under the radar: The Supreme Court heard arguments yesterday about the Tarrant Regional Water District's right to buy water from Oklahoma. It sounds complicated, but I bet the decision could have a dramatic impact on Lake Bridgeport (either from the need to suck water out of it or to build feeder lakes upstream.)
  • Oddest statement made to me by an investigator yesterday as he walked behind me up the stairs at the courthouse: "Your ears made you look like a leprechaun right then."  There is absolutely no way to twist that into a positive statement. And lord knows I've tried. 
  • I had a fellow student in college take issue with my statement of, "If I was raised in a Catholic family, I'd be Catholic today." I've never forgotten how dumbfounded I was when she insisted she would be Southern Baptist at that moment regardless of her upbringing. 
  • I watched half of the 30 for 30 documentary From Elway to Marino about the 1983 NFL draft and, so far, it's great. But here's a hot sports opinion: That "diary" the agent is reading about what went down in those days is completely made up for dramatic effect.