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Literally, Straight Out Of Compton

I don't know if it is a repo (in which case the company might want to change the repo man) or a theft. In either case, this is insane.

Language warning.

This Is An Insane Story

They left on a homemade submarine. He made it back alive. She didn't. Once he got back to shore after being rescued, he gave a "thumbs up" to the cameras.

Above The Fold

Random Wednesday Morning Thoughts

  • Trump's 75 minute rant at an Arizona "rally" last night was bizarre. He sounded scared and unstable. For about 20 minutes, he whined about the media yet praised, by name, Sean Hannity and Fox and Friends. Not to mention that he went after Sen. John McCain, who has brain cancer, in his home state. 
  • For all other media outlets, he said, "They're bad people," and "They don't like our country." It is time to seriously question his mental health.
  • My favorite part was when he said CNN had just discontinued the broadcast of the speech because they couldn't stand it --- while I was watching it on CNN. He makes stuff up, and his 33% base does not care.
  • We've had an odd development in the Tarrant County judiciary. Gov. Abbott appointed an Assistant United States Attorney as a district judge to a civil bench.  Uh, that's a prosecutor to be in charge of a court which doesn't hear criminal cases. 
  • Bridgeport was without water for most of the day on Sunday. 
  • The official Liberally Lean Girl, who is very scantily clad, went after the media on stage for claiming she lip syncs. Then she went into Bonnie Rait's Let's Give Them Something To Talk About. 
  • In one of the most bizarre media stories I've ever heard, ESPN removed broadcaster Robert Lee (get it?) from the University of Virginia's (get it?) home opener. The guy is Asian-American and, it may come as a surprise to ESPN, but he was not the dead leader of the Confederate Army. ESPN tries to explain here
  • The Messenger reports that the former Wise County Democratic Chairman died from suicide via an overdose of prescription drugs and alcohol. I would go on my typical rant that there is no way a Medical Examiner could come to the conclusion that it was suicide (as opposed to an accidental overdose) but there were "suicidal-type" messages. 
  • I'd be very nervous to bet on the McGregor/Mayweather fight. Boxing has always been a dirty business. And this is a perfect set up for the fix to be in so that there would be a rematch. 
  • If you aren't familiar with the story of the young wife, Louise Linton, of the Treasury Secretary (a former Goldman Sachs guy) going off on a mother of three on Instagram, do so. After you do it, all of you hard working women out there might want to reconsider what "drain the swamp" means. 
  • And Linton has actually appeared on film as Marie Antoinette


Jon McNaughton Has Presented His New Masterpiece

If Trump doesn't order this to be hung in The National Gallery of Art in D.C. by midnight, I don't even know him anymore.

You might remember some of his past work:

That Confederate Boy Has Been Kicked Out Of School

He was the subject of the photo of the "double bird" salute a woman [hereinafter referred to as "wrench"] gave him. I posted it in Random Thoughts on Monday. I thought the photo had been taken in Boston. It wasn't. It was taken in Charlottesville on the previous Tuesday when he showed up to stand in front of the Robert E. Lee statute[*] with an AR-15 not far from where a woman was murdered by neo-Nazis.

Pensacola Christian College, where he ironically attended, has kicked him out of school. When you are a private institution, you pretty much get to do whatever you want.

"I'm a born-again Christian and I believe this wrench has hindered my attempt to serve the Lord," he said.

Edit: For those of you who think this is a First Amendment violation, your belief that the Constitution has any application/relevance to this situation is shocking.
*Edit: Ok, I misspelled that. Trust me, over the last two weeks, as a guy who has typed and said "statute" a million times since being 21 years old and rarely types "statue", I knew it would eventually happen.

The Best Thing You'll See All Day

It's old, but I had never seen it before.

Random Tuesday Morning Thoughts

  • What jumped out at me during Trump's vague Afghanistan speech last night was how he started taunting Pakistan. He's picking a fight with a nuclear power? Don't we have enough problems? And then he praises their arch-enemy India: 
  • I was yelling at the TV during the speech (much to the confusion of Mrs. LL who was Blue Aproning it in the kitchen like nobody's business). I took great comfort in seeing I wasn't the only one shocked: 
  • For all of Trump's attempt to persuade us that Pakistan and Afghanistan are basically clear and present dangers to the U.S., neither are on Trump's Travel Ban.
  • A crazy story out of Ohio yesterday: A judge is walking to the courthouse, gets shot, returns fire, and then a probation officer fires and kills the would-be assailant. The judge survived. 
  • There is a heck of a mess with the Ken Paxton prosecution. The Collin County D.A. recused the office, and three special prosecutors were named who are billing the county a fortune. The Collin County Commissioners are not happy. Yesterday, "the 5th Court of Appeals in Dallas voided a $205,000 invoice dating back to January 2016, saying state laws and local rules did not allow the three special prosecutors to be paid the $300-an-hour rate they were promised."
  • Ten years ago
  • There were a bunch of Cleveland Browns taking a knee last night during the National Anthem.
  • "In what may be the largest award so far in a lawsuit tying ovarian cancer to talcum powder, a Los Angeles jury on Monday ordered Johnson & Johnson to pay $417 million in damages to a medical receptionist who developed ovarian cancer after using the company’s trademark Johnson’s Baby Powder on her perineum for decades."  I want to be skeptical, but they are getting hit with multi-million dollar verdicts left and right. Apparently women use the powder on their nether regions quite a bit. 
  • Tell me Tucker Carlson did not say this. (Link).
  • A bunch of Parker County Democrats came in to attend Rep. Kay Granger's rare appearance in Wise County yesterday. They said they had to since she won't have Town Halls.
  • I stumbled upon one of the Naked Gun movies over the weekend. They still hold up. And the comedic genius is that once someone says something nonsensical (which happens about a million times) the other character will pause, cock his head, and looked puzzled for two seconds. And then the conversation fires back up like it never happened. 
  • I'm interested in the eclipse in 2024. DFW will be in the "path of totality". 


Special Footage From Wise County

Edit: Special footage from The Star. Is that Jason Garrett? Yep. That's Jason Garrett.

Edit: Trump!
Moments earlier . . .

Dear DFW Media: Most Of You Might Be Missing A Big Trial

This is from the Tarrant County DA's "trial board":

Those are two very big name defense lawyers.

I did a quick search of the defendant's name and found out this case is about a shooting in the parking lot at Cowboy's Stadium. From 2015:

Edit: It looks like the Star-Telegram has at least one story on it. KXAS has one report.

Great Play. And I Have A Great Question.

Why should that be a home run? In football, if you catch a ball and your feet come down out of the field of play, it's not an official catch. So why not a similar baseball rule?

Hypothetical: Say we've got a sky shot home run ball in the air. Could an outfielder jump over the fence and catch it and it would  still be called an out?

Random Monday Morning Thoughts

  • carjacking lead to a police chase in Dallas over the weekend. That's a Lamborghini.

  • [Edit: This bullet point has been deleted. I was fooled by a satire web site. Shout out to for immediately telling me I had made a horrible mistake.]
  • "That's too bad." - Donald Trump's comment on the (very bizarre) collision of the USS John McCain with a merchant ship east of Singapore which has left 10 sailors lost at sea. 
  • While you were sleeping: The University of Texas removed four Confederate statues.
  • The Dallas anti Neo Nazi protest, like it or hate it, had some funny signs. 
  • Nothing like one of the family pups stealing half of a Hot Pocket when you walk away for thirty seconds. I considered a crime of doggie execution, but decided just to yell at her instead. Then she looked back at me with that, "Whatcha gonna do about it?" expression.
  • Charlie Daniels came out in support of Trump on the issue of Confederate statues. I'm shocked,  I'm shocked I tell you, that a guy who had a hit song of "The South's Gonna Do It Again" would take that position.
  • Trust me, I did not learn this from personal experience: Clubs now have "party starters" -- paid hot girls who go up to groups and invite one of more to go out and dance with her. How long has this been going on?
  • I would never have posted the following in the past, but it is perfect and these are important times in America. So much can be said about this photo taken at the peaceful protest in Boston this weekend. Some Confederates/Neo-Nazis showed up. 
  • That was a tremendous police response in Boston. A little planning goes a long way. 
  • One guy in the comments pointed out that he had a son my age after he thought I called him a "boy." Buddy, did you think I didn't know that?
  • The marketing on toothpaste packaging almost made me laugh out loud this weekend. Powerful Whitening Formula! Extra Mint Breath Ingredient ! Extra Strength Gum Strengthening! 
  • Jerry Lewis died over the weekend. He was one mean and miserable human being over the last 20 years. 
  • Trump changed his masthead on his Twitter page. All I can think of is "We are tough, smart lawyers. Call if you have been injured. We are the Washington Hammer!"
  • I'm beginning to think I have figured out who the new Wise County District Judge will be. 
  • In news that got buried this weekend, the wreckage of the USS Indianapolis has been found. That was the subject of Quint's speech in Jaws
  • Tarrant County D.A. Sharen Wilson has announced she is running for a second term. Strap on your seat belts.
  • Trump misspelled "heal" in two tweets this weekend (he wrote "heel") and had to delete them
  • The last major solar eclipse we had was when I was in high school. We all went outside when it happened. I don't remember protective glasses but do remember being told not to look at it. In retrospect, that doesn't sound like a good plan. 


For Political Junkies*: This Is Going To Be So Entertaining. And Scary.

Wow. In one day, Steve Bannon gets fired by Trump and returns to run the web site of incredible influence for the hard right. (Some call it the alt-right.) This is about to get insane. He's about to spill his guts.

For those who want to learn about Bannon, who I find to be a fascinating and smart (yet a man without a soul), watch this episode of Frontline on his background named, eerily, Bannon's War. I It explains how critical he was in getting Trump elected. It aired in May. (Edit: I just went back and watched it. If you care about this topic, as everyone should, it is a must watch. It explains so much and has so much foreshadowing). Oh, how things have changed for Bannon.

And make no mistake about it, Trump's son-in-law Jared Kushner, who is Jewish, is behind this. Trump loves that guy and brought him into the White House.

In that shocking 22 minute Vice documentary about the Charlottesville rally, a neo-Nazi leader said he  he hoped for a leader who was "a lot more racist than Donald Trump" and who "does not give his daughter to a Jew." It began showing the neo-Nazis marching with torches on Friday night yelling, "Jews will not replace us!"

Later Trump, in one of the most idiotic rants ever, said there were "good people" on "both sides." And referred to the Friday night march as "peaceful." I'm sure his daughter, who converted to Judaism, and her husband really appreciated that.

Now Bannon, who is a borderline neo-Nazi, is back to run a website after being fired, for all intents and purposes, by a Jew. And now he is after Trump. This is going to get crazy.

Earlier today, the standing editor in chief of Breitbart tweeted simply "#War" the moment after Bannon was fired. I just hope he was talking about a war in the media.

Edit: Wow. There's already a pretty good alternative theory out there. Bannon and Trump are on the same page, and Bannon can help him more at Breitbart than in the White House. You appease your daughter and son-in-law by firing him, but you now have a person who can be a flamethrower without restriction. In the next week, we will learn. Will Breitbart be for or against Trump?

Edit: Here's a tweet on Saturday that support the alternative theory:

*Edit: Or if you care about this country.

Edit: Bannon seemed very comfortable in Saudi Arabia

It's Friday. Let's Get Out Of Here.

Drunk Girl + Dumb Guy = Broken Ribs.
Get me this dog!
Just exactly what was his plan?
Or his? 
Hey, I've got a kayak!
Get me these dogs, too!


Some of you boys saw this coming. 

Edit: This is from a Six Flags "street show". I'll date it around 1970. Good lord. 

Random Friday Morning Thoughts

  • A Keller doctor accused of exposing himself in a Target parking lot was caught because of the vanity license plate on his BMW which read  "ISPINE."
  • Conservative Republican Senator Bob Corker from Tennessee yesterday: “The president has not yet been able to demonstrate the stability, nor some of the competence, that he needs to demonstrate in order for him to be successful." Focus on the words "stability" and "competence." 
  • And Mitt Romney went off on Trump this morning. 
  • I don't care if Confederate statues are left up or taken down, I'm worried about young people openly being neo-Nazis in America. 
  • I'll occasionally mention local talk show host and Morning News columnist Mark Davis because I'm stunned how he has gone from a conservative who gave wonderful arguments to justify his positions to a borderline Sean Hannity nutcase. Well, I'm not the only one. D Magazine went after him not once but twice this week. Davis responded

  • After the Spain terrorist attack yesterday, Trump tweeted out "study what General Pershing of the United States did to terrorists when caught.” “There was no more Radical Islamic Terror for 35 years!” Trump is referring to his campaign speech where he claimed Pershing ordered 49 of 50 prisoners executed after the bullets were dipped in pig's blood. In addition to supporting mass murder, it is a lie. He's now said it twice. (Also yesterday he said 35 years ago. He said 25 years during the campaign.)
  • Uh, oh. Is there a statute of limitations? Side note: The boosters should have saved their money. Side note #2: He's never been very bright.  (And this story isn't in the same ballpark as Pony Excess.)
  • Grace Baptist Church in Decatur has "There are no atheists in hell" on its marquee sign.
  • Anyone else skeptical of this story?: 

  • In the 1960s, the American Nazi Party considered Dallas "a key center of the party's movements." 
  • A government employee called "a spokesman for the New York Court system" (they have that?) who was making $160,000 a year was investigated by the New York Post for possibly not working as much as he should. He talked to the reporter by phone. After that he accidentally "pocket dialed" the reporter, and the reporter recorded a four minute conversation the spokesman had with an unknown individual. The spokesman was caught saying he had just lied to the reporter and added, "The story’s true. I’m not doing anything. I barely show up to work and I’ve been caught.” Uh, he was fired. 


This Is A Weird Story

Police are working to piece together how a woman, who went missing in July, ended up naked on a remote road in rural Alabama on Saturday after surviving for a month on berries and muddy water. More.

Random Thursday Morning Thoughts

  • If there are "two sides", here was one of them last night in Charlottesville singing "Amazing Grace" among other songs: 
  • Save this dog!
  • Remember that video of the officer secretly recording the prosecutor that I posted? We have an update: "ROCKPORT - Aransas County prosecutors won't be accepting cases from the Rockport Police Department due to an ongoing dispute they said relates to the accuracy of case reports."
  • Sheesh
  • And Another
  • School starts way too early. Both on the calendar and on the clock. 
  • We had a very funny all time ceremonial first pitch last night. And the cameraman who got hit has a fantastic photo of the incoming ball. 
  • Regarding the girl that was found dead in the Arlington landfill, which police said afterwards there was no threat to the community, what ever happened with that?
  • Regarding the alleged home invasion of the upscale Fort Worth home, which police said afterwards there was no threat to the community, whatever happened with that?