Random Tuesday Morning Thoughts

Not to be a downer, but I was glancing at an election results story in the Messenger from 10 years ago and saw this -- which stopped me down. Four of those six have since passed away. And very suddenly for each.

  • This is a wild story.  The defendant killed himself during the trial so he obviously didn't show up the following morning for closing arguments. Unaware what had happened, the judge then started the case back up without him, and the jury actually retired to deliberate. Thirty-two minutes later, the jury was discharged once everyone figured out the defendant was dead.  And there's another crazy aspect: The defendant was represented by his lawyer brother. 

  • Dak is making headlines, but it isn't contract related. "Here we go . . . ." 
    • Wait, this "threat" came from a law firm?  

    • WFAA has the story this morning with a lot of details. If I understand it correctly, she alleges sexual assault while Dak, acknowledging that he hung out with her one night, denies that. "Levin McCathern, Prescott's attorney, confirmed in an interview with WFAA that Prescott had a relationship with the woman, but denies doing the things she alleges." "She was a waitress at a bar he frequented," McCathern said.
    • Dak's lawsuit says the statute of limitations had expired on any civil suit that the woman could have brought so she tried to do an end around by threatening to go to the police if she didn't give her $100 million.  
    • Oddly, Dak's lawsuit attached  to the lawsuit the 11 page demand letter from her lawyer which included lots of seedy allegations. So it is now a public record. I'd link to a copy but I haven't found it yet. 
    • I don't like this for Dak: He is represented by the same guy who represented Michael Irvin in his weird lawsuit against Marriott (which just quietly went away.)

  • Considering that the "new norm" is for Paxton to target any judge in the the next election when they rule against him, that's a bold move by this judge. 

  • Compare and contrast. It is happening all over again:
    • Trump in 2024 a couple of years after his failed Insurrection:

    • Hitler in 1924 a year after his failed Insurrection: 

  • You want to know how MAGA extremists have taken over the Regular Republicans in Texas? I think I figured it out. This is a stunning decline in voter participation: 

  • Trump taking over the RNC by Trump's daughter-in-law now being in charge, and the amount of money he will syphon from it, is a significant story. And the purge of Regular Republicans began yesterday with 60 people in the RNC being fired. Thing about it: You worked at the RNC for a living, and you weren't MAGA enough. 

  • What is Truth Social worth? $99.95?

  • Kirk Cousins signed as a free agent with Atlanta yesterday in a deal for four years and $180 million with $100 million guaranteed. For a guy who was drafted in the fourth round by Washington, after they had already taken RG3 in the first round, he has parlayed the system into a gold mine. 

  • We thought Hamas is holding six Americans in Gaza. That number became five this morning when we learned that Itay Chen, 19, was actually killed on October 7th. His parents attended the State of the Union message.