Random Tuesday Morning Thoughts

  • The board:
  • A faithful reader directed me to this coronavirus site which has a great layout with reliable data. It even has a total aggregate graph. We are at the very beginning of the "curve's" upward trend.  
  • The only state to report zero cases of the coronavirus is West Virginia. That's right. That backwoods state in the heart of Appalachia and the home of The Wonderful Whites of West Virginia, no less, doesn't have a single case. Is there anyone in their right mind who thinks that's due to a mysterious state-wide great immune system instead of perhaps, just perhaps, a lack of testing? Let's see: 
    Yes, I'm burying the lede: "Chinese Virus." He always shows his true colors.
  • As in Dallas, can a county judge legally "shut down" private businesses across the board? No. And, practically, what can you do to them if they, and their customers, ignored the ban? The only real hammer the government has is at the state level with its liquor license authority. That's something a business would want to lose going forward.
  • What percentage of people in the U.S. have never heard of the coronavirus? 1%? 1/10th or 1%? There has to be someone. 
  • Something seems wrong with the announcement yesterday is compared to the visual of how it was presented.
  • At the risk of stating the obvious, hasn't this been the craziest past week we've ever seen? Go back to last Wednesday and try to predict what was about to happen. 
  • Clever.
  • I thought about this place this weekend. If there was ever a location to contract a virus, that seems like a pretty good place. Lots of people touching lots of things.
  • I wouldn't watch it, but I agree with this guy. And what if the movie producers try it? Heck, they could sell it at $20 a pop and might gross more than a theatrical release. Going forward, these strange times might change the way things have always been done
  • Side note: I can't begin to describe how long some of those escalators are. It's like you are traveling to the center of the Earth to get to the subway platform.
  • Of all things being closed or suspended, the postponing of primary elections (I'm looking at you, Ohio)  makes me very, very uncomfortable. 
  • And just like a movie, we are about to have weather befitting for an end-of-days feel. It'll begin in earnest later this evening.
  • I re-watched the 1995 film Outbreak this weekend. With the exception of the camera work of the virus spreading in the theater and going through the air ducts in the hospital (after which Dustin Hoffman shouts, "It's airborne!"), that is a horrible, horrible movie. The script is insult to all scripts. 
  • A good Black Mirror plot: In the future you can digitized your dreams and then go back and watch them.