Random Thursday Morning Thoughts

  • If you haven't seen the police chase along the parade route for the Kansas City Chiefs, you need to. It's amazing someone wasn't killed. 
  • A close second was a guy climbing a tree with his pants falling down with an unfortunate (?) ending. Watch.
  • I had to explain the concept of "Baptist Guilt" to Mrs. LL yesterday: The nagging guilt, however slight, created due to doing anything at any given point in time which is not considered to be fulfilling responsibilities or expectations created by a self-imposed and unrealistic moral and ethical code. (My definition.)  Example: Mrs. LL stayed home yesterday when she probably could have made it to work. She then voluntarily did a lot of work from a laptop when her boss didn't expect it. So I told her, "That should help you without your Baptist Guilt." I then learned she has no Baptist Guilt. She also then pointed out that would be a miserable way to live a life. 
  • This was floating around yesterday. I think the answer is easy. No. Freaking. Way. 
  • Trump escaped impeachment 48-52 with Mitt Romney becoming the first Senator in American history to vote to impeach a president of his own party. My respect for Mormons just went up. He summed it up perfectly in a nutshell:  "There is no question in my mind that were their names not Biden, the President would never have done what he did." The Salt Lake City Tribune supported his decision this morning. 
  • Trump at the National Prayer Breakfast this morning. 
  • Speaking of prayer and faith, I'm not familiar with Christopher Harris but he wasn't joking this morning. Watch
  • Get me that T-shirt. 
  • I've said it before, if you drive down I-35 from Denton to Fort Worth, the number of gigantic warehouses that you see is mind-boggling. I always wonder what's going on in each of them. 
  • Credit to BagOfNothing for posting a "Why don't you go back to Mexico then?" video. Incredible. 
  • As we wrap up impeachment talk, it occurred to me that what started it all was Trump wanting a story put "out there" that contained the words "Biden" and "corruption" in it. The details didn't matter. He got what he wanted a million times over.