Random Wednesday Morning Thoughts

  • Well, Iran launched missiles at American bases in Iraq that either were poorly aimed or intentionally slightly off target or we had warning they were coming and got everyone outof harm's way. In any event, everyone needs to take a deep breath. 
  • Then again, when both sides are battling like children on Twitter, we probably have something to worry about. 
    After the killing of Soleimani

    After last night's strike
  • It's ih-RAHN, not eye-RAN. It's ih-RAHK, not eye-RACK.
  • Ten thousand a minute? Just from Iran? The governor is lying again. (But the Texas Agricultural site was briefly "hacked" with an image referencing Iran, but a child could hack any site headed by Sid Miller.)
  • Ok, the case below is proof positive that the recent unintentional revision to Texas' marijuana law is a game changer.
    From the Texas Tribune (They get mad at me when I don't reference them.)
    • To recap, before the law changed law May, any usable amount of marijuana was a crime.  Well, the law changed to say it's only marijuana if there is over 0.3% THC in it. But you can't just look at the weed and readily determine whether its illegal weed (greater than 0.3%) or not (less than 0.3%). Yep, now it is turning out that any given marijuana case might not involve any marijuana at all.  And the government put this guy in jail for a month on a hunch. A hunch that was wrong. 
    • And that story just involves the problems with even deciding to arrest someone. Practically speaking, the next step of prosecuting the cases has become a nightmare as well because every misdemeanor weed case will now absolutely need a lab report. There's no more, "Oh, come on. We all know weed on the street has over 0.3% of THC in it so just have your guy admit it and take my generous plea bargain." Nope. We absolutely don't know if it has over 0.3% THC in it. Heck, how can a defendant even know the chemical make-up of his weed? Nope. Get a lab report. And that costs money. No, that costs your tax-payer money, and that expense can't be justified.  It's now a law which is impossible to enforce and de facto legalization in Texas has occurred as soon as everyone realizes it. 
    • Think I'm wrong? This is from earlier this week: 
  • I referenced the DPS troopers shooting the guy in South Dallas 16 times yesterday. Now the Dallas Morning News has obtained the dashcam and bodycam videos. It's on YouTube here. The guy jumped out of his car in a driveway and was running to a home, and he did in fact have a gun.  But look how this all started: The soon-to-be dead man didn't signal on a quiet residential street. There is no way a Dallas Police officer even thinks about making a traffic stop in the first place. 
  • This story is even crazier than the headline. And the victim's name was Kevin Bacon. 

  • Baylor's Matt Rhule is headed to the Carolina Panthers. It's amazing what he did for Baylor, and I'll always be thankful, but he started looking to leave for greener pastures after his very first season. There was always something unsettling of having a coach who made it clear he was looking to get out. But it amazingly never impacted recruiting or the effort on the field. 
  • I love wheels off election stories, and we have one out of Houston where a sitting district judge got kicked off the ballot because he paid a $1,500 filing fee instead of the required $2,500.
  • I love this new rule for the XFL.  I truly don't know which one I'd choose. The risk v. reward all seem to even out to me. 
  • There is no greater waste of money whenever any sizable government entity awards a big contract. This headline alone got my attention -- paying almost $2 million just to get people interested in the census? You kidding me? But then I saw this paragraph!: "As part of the deal, [Sophia Johnson 's] Alpha Business Images will pay nearly $400,000 to a subcontractor, JBJ Management, for outreach to the Asian American and African American communities. JBJ Management is owned by Johnson’s husband, Willis Johnson."
  • There's an "And Another" out of out own little Paradise, Texas which might involve the most underwhelming facts as far as "And Anothers" go. It is on . . . 
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