Random Monday Morning Thoughts

  • A plane crash in Addison took a dramatic turn yesterday afternoon when it was announced that 10 people had died. I still haven't seen who was on board -- reports just said it as a nine-seat rental starting at $1,800 an hour. (Side note: I don't know what I was expecting, but this crew from NTSB just casually strolling into the airport with only one guy with anything in his hand isn't exactly what I envisioned.)
  • I've seen a handful of tickets issued by game wardens on Lake Bridgeport for operating a personal water craft "after sundown." Hey, a warning probably would do the trick. 
  • I saw a boat just like the one below on Lake Bridgeport this weekend occupied by a couple and three children. I thought, "that's a nice boat" and, being me, I wondered what it cost. Google told me a new one "starts as" $133,200.  Good, lord. 
  • Sarah Sanders had her last day in the office on Friday. 
  • And Trump Jr. proved he is just like his daddy (as if we didn't know) as he fired of a racist tweet and then deleted it
  • Two teens were murdered in Dallas last night. That brings the number to at least 108 this year (and I probably missed a couple of others over the last three days.)
  • Trump wrap up from the weekend: (1) Thought "school busing" was actually about just getting kids to school via bus, (2) thought "Western-style liberalism" meant left wingers from San Fransisco and Los Angeles, (3) cozied up to MBS, the Saudi Prince who ordered the literal butchering of a reporter, calling him a "friend of mine" who is doing a "speculator job", (4) Begged dictator Kim Jong Un, whose regime murdered Otto Warmbier, to meet him in North Korea and did so with getting nothing in return. (5) Wants tanks at the Washington Mall for his hijacking of the 4th of July. 
  • Random tweet I saw.  I've started carrying a black backpack a few years ago but just between the car and the office. But I wouldn't slap it on to go to the courthouse.
  • From the Runaway Bay 4th of July parade.  That's hard to pull off without knowing whether it is a pro or con position, but they did it.  
  • The Mets honored their 1969 Championship team on the field over the weekend but listed two players in an In Memoriam tribute who were not dead. The flashed up this apology the next day. One of the two guys, Jesse Hudson, had his name misspelled. 
  • Ivanka made news at the G20 Summit (why was she there?) by butting into a conversation with world leaders (shown in a video released by France) and by posing for a picture wearing a $4,590 dress.
    Those expressions. Justin Trudeau is basically Jim Halpert.
  • Oh, my. (Video.)
  • A free lance political cartoonist may or may not have lost his job over this one.
  • Just yesterday I read an incredibly moving Texas Monthly story about a bond between a home schooled Christian kid and a Muslim from Pakistan who ended up in the middle of the Sante Fe school shooting.  It's related yet unrelated, but this came out today: 
  • Messenger: Above the Fold
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