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Random Tuesday Morning Thoughts

  • Hey, now.
  • There can, and often will be, a driver's license suspension after a DWI. You can fight it, but it is very hard to win. In the past, the hearings for Wise County arrests used to be in Fort Worth. Now they are in Denton. But "the government"actually called me if I thought the change was appropriate. I said yes. (My friends in the Fort Worth office acted like they would miss me.)
  • The greatest part yesterday, for my first hearing there, was when I was roaming around the fourth floor of the Denton County Courthouse looking for the right room and a DPS Trooper directed me as to where to go. (I later pointed out to the judge about his kindness.)
  • I hate new routines. I am a man of routines.
  • Cruz will win Wisconsin. 100% guarantee. But that doesn't mean Trump won't win in the end.
  • There's a foundation repair ad on The Ticket which says that their fee is low that "their lawyer" won't let them say it. STAY AWAY! The dishonesty is shocking. 
  • The end of the NCAA Championship game last night will be remembered for years.
  • "SOUTHLAKE  - Juan Jesus Guerrero Chapa, the lawyer fatally shot in Southlake in 2013, acted as the 'de facto head' of a Mexican drug cartel, was running 'a large criminal enterprise,' attorneys for one of the men charged in Guerrero’s death allege in a new court filing."
  • I got my annual letter from the Texas State Bar that read "Urgent. Official Ballot Enclosed" for the election of the President of the State Bar of Texas. Dear State Bar: Whomever is elected has no power and I don't care. There is nothing "Urgent" about it.
  • I have never seen "One Shining Moment" at the end of the game. I move on.
  • It is confusing that men's NCAA games are the only one which doesn't have quarters.