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Random Thursday Morning Thoughts

  • Our state rep. Phil King got scammed out of almost $46,000.
  • I thought the Arizona governor would veto SB 1062, but I didn't think she would do it so quickly. (And the text of the bill has been read by basically no one -- it never even mentions sexual orientation.) 
  • Funny line from The Ticket this morning about Arizona Gov. Jan Brewer: "She looks like she has a box of wine every night."
  • "A Plano man was killed early Friday morning after returning inside a burning home to retrieve his cellphone."
  • I finally watched the new episode of Aerial America featuring Texas. It was incredibly disjointed (but it did show Palo Duro Canyon and zoomed in on a high peak that Mrs. LL once climbed to the top of in a death defying stunt.)
  • We are taking a Family Trip which requires a plane flight in a couple of weeks, and this has all sorts of potential for disaster. (And I've been yelling "you girls are packing light" for the last three weeks and receiving blank stares in return.)
  • The Messenger has an article this week looking back on the 1988 military helicopter crash near Chico that killed ten. Of all the possible litigation that could have happened, I ended up helping defend, of all things, a worker's compensation claim filed by one of the paramedics who was in one of the careflight helicopters out of Fort Worth. It actually ended up in a jury trial in Decatur. 
  • I was skeptical of the story of the Texas high school kid who claimed he "accidentally" packed a beer instead of a soft drink in his lunch. But I didn't know he's the one who reported his mistake to his teacher. Kid might be telling the truth. 
  • There's a story making the rounds of an Austin man arrested for DWI who blew 0.00 and then agreed to give blood which tested negative for drugs. But the cops say that it "is still possible he was intoxicated with a drug, including marijuana, that may not have shown up in the blood test." That quote makes absolutely no sense to me. Every DWI case I've seen where they've screened the blood for drugs, they've screened it for marijuana. 
  • I've never been down to the boys or girls UIL basketball tournament in Austin but I've had buddies swear that it's a heck of a fun experience. Hey, has either Bridgeport or Decatur ever made that tournament? 
  • It's a weird world when Seth Rogen speaks before a U.S. Senate hearing and then calls out a bunch of senators for not attending or leaving early. 
  • I've told folks who visit the Wise County Courthouse all the time that the district courtroom once had a balcony which would have made the place look like a scene from To Kill A Mockingbird.  But I've never seen one single photo of the way it used to look -- and I've never met anyone who has.