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Random Friday Morning Thoughts

  • "WEATHERFORD — A paroled paralegal . . . is accused of embezzling more than $48,000 from a Weatherford attorney."
  • When a story about immigration came on the news last night, the Sixth Grader In The House asked, "Why don't they want them here?"  I've never been prouder. "Out of the mouth of babes" indeed.  
  • The House of Representatives voted to sue the President on Thursday but couldn't agree on an immigration bill on Thursday. What party controls the House?
  • Then again, after all the hoopla over Dallas County housing immigrants because of this crisis, it was announced yesterday that the housing wasn't needed at all. Maybe there never was a crisis. 
  • The Family Pig woke me up last night. We keep him in a crate downstairs at night but for the first time ever he went a little nuts with pig noises around 3:00 a.m.  I went downstairs and opened the crate, he went for water, rooted around for food, I fed him, and then he curled up in his Pig Bed. Maybe the pig was just hungry. Maybe he's just as greedy as a pig. 
  • Tony Romo said he would never again be able to play "golf every day" even after he retires from the NFL because of his back. If you ever wanted a warning sign, there it is.
  • George W. Bush is writing a book about his father.  Odds of the cover reading "By George W. Bush with [insert actual author]? 100%.
  • I was roasted by my Baseball Nemesis for laughing at the Rangers opening day starting rotation. One of those starters was Joe Saunders who Texas ended up releasing. He was picked up by Kansas City who released him yesterday. Yep, released twice before August. 
  • "Hours" before 9/11, Bill Clinton told a group he once had a chance to kill Osama Bin Laden but didn't do it because it would have required destroying a town and killing "300 innocent women and children." A decent society doesn't kill innocent people.* And he wasn't Nostradamus. (*I thought about inserting an Israel comment there.) 
  • I had never heard of actress Aubrey Plaza before, but I saw her on with Jon Stewart yesterday. (Hitting Google right now. Oh. I've never seen a single episode of Parks and Recreation.) What a weird and fascinating girl. I think I love her. 
  • A group from my favorite radio station went to see the Beach Boys last night in California. There has never been a bigger beating of a band than the Beach Boys. I always felt the group was doing a bad bit. Come to think about it, I saw them do a post Ranger game concert at the old Arlington Stadium in the 1980s. They had already become spare back then. 
  • Aledo High School has won four football state championships in the last five years and yesterday their football coach announced he will quit the position to become athletic director. Something seems weird about that occurring just days before this season begins. Then again, he's 54, and probably beaten down by parents. 
  • From the D Magazine blog: “'How the Commemorative Air Force Landed at Dallas Executive Airport,' a story written by Brendan McNally and printed on page 22 of the August issue under the headline 'Up in the Air,' has been taken down from our website due to numerous factual errors." Wow. I don't care about the subject matter, but the journalistic aspect is fascinating. Somebody might get fired.  More.
  • Baylor football opens up at #10 in the Coaches Poll, but I don't even want to mention it because it is technically now the Amway Coaches Poll
  • Upon reflection, my criminal law professor at Baylor Law School had no idea what he was doing. Upon further reflection, I knew it at the time. The school had a bad habit of keeping senile old men on the faculty back then. 
  • Thank goodness I kept this quote from Abraham Lincoln posted on my mirror: "Get the books, and read and study them till, you understand them in their principal features; and that is the main thing. It is of no consequence to be in a large town while you are reading . . . . The books, and your capacity for understanding them, are just the same in all places."
  • Of course, I was worried about that "your capacity" part. 
  • I wasn't making fun of Ted Cruz yesterday (post below), I just thought the editing was a funny bit (or a "drop" as they call in the industry.) Some of you guys are incredibly uptight. 
  • I've said it before: Ann Coulter looks like she is on meth. 
  • This probably only interests me, but there are ads on the radio sponsored by Breitling Energy which are nothing more than crazy mini right wing commentaries that are simply head spinning. One I heard yesterday told us -- no, scolded us -- to not object to fracking unless you are willing to not drive a car, fuel your home, or take a plane ride. "You can't have it both ways," it said. The company is headed by some guy named Chris Faulkner (who actually does the voice work for the commercials). I was going to cut and past his slim credentials from the company's web page, but it has an amazing no-right-click/highlight protection. And nice glamour shot there, hoss. I'm stunned he doesn't have his chin resting on his fist like Uncle Rico.