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Why Didn't The Messenger Quote My Press Release?

Seriously? Did I read that right? Am I on Earth?

 I linked to the press release on this blog which everyone knows is authored by me. That press release is on the website of which might possibly be my firm's website. And my office refers them to the  press release's URL when they call. And that is not confirming its authenticity? It's Journalism 101. At least the way it was taught since something called the Internet was invented.

I've always said I love the Messenger. Through the years, they have served a valued service to this county. But if they refuse to report news because it's on a blog they somehow view as threatening to its existence, it is turning it's back to it's mission: To distribute information to the public.

For years I've considered hiring one photographer, one reporter, and one salesperson. And I know who I'd choose. Don't tempt me.

Edit: The Star-Telegram's Bud Kennedy didn't think much of the Messenger's explanation.


  1. I'm an idiot with a degree in journalism but the WC Messenger reporters are embarrassing to the profession. I suppose the Messenger's motto is "If It's Important to You, It's News to Us."

    Are they not aware of a 19th century technology called the "telephone"? Even the most slothful reporter knows that its use assists in confirming facts about stories.

    Members of that staff will never move up the food chain if they continue to display that level of stupidity.

  2. Anonymous12:54 PM

    Oh my, Barry. Commenting on your new case? How unethical of you! Are you also stamping your feet shouting "No fair"? Gee, Knox won't play by your rules.
    You sound a little hypocritical.

  3. Anonymous1:04 PM

    ever sice Roy Eaton left, the Mess has become a BIG MESS. HIRE DUTY Barry for photos and then there will be NO need for us to waste .75 cents........

  4. The Fort Worth Star Telegram and WFAA-TV both quoted the press release, but they don't have the high journalistic integrity or ethics of The Wise County Messenger.

  5. Anonymous1:33 PM

    I can be your south Texas correspondent and Fort Worth historian/dirt digger.

  6. Anonymous1:52 PM

    A bitch slap down. Does it sting Skippy?

  7. Anonymous1:59 PM

    Stoppicking on Joe Du anthen maybe they would listen to you more often...

  8. Anonymous2:49 PM

    Hey 12:45--Calls were made by the Messenger and unanswered and unreturned by Ross and Green (2 peas in a pod?). If they will not make comments, what do you expect? Would you print rumors? Check out the facts.

    P.S.. I think Barry only edited the Press Release. It wasn't written in a professional style.

  9. Anonymous2:51 PM

    Joe Duty took the pics that day. Check them out. You can plainly see how large the playhouse is and that it was not a few old boards thrown up in a tree.

  10. Anonymous2:52 PM

    Ask their ex reporter Chris about the Mess. That place has gone to Hell. The real news is reported on this blog, not the mess.

  11. Anonymous3:04 PM

    Barry, unemployment is killing us......HIRE now! Add 3 jobs!

  12. Anonymous3:04 PM


    Bitch slap? Are you serious?

    The Mess screwed up, they know they screwed up and they are attempting to direct their own incompetence back to the source of the press release. (google "press release" for the definition)

    Maybe if they had spent less time running down the search warrant contents and maybe if they had spent less time shooting pics of the tree house removal, someone could have taken the time to CALL the offices of alias Smith & Green to "verify" the statement.

    The Messenger is a joke, it's been a joke for a number of years, everyone knows it. Most folks only read the obituary section.

  13. Anonymous3:33 PM

    Isn't the job of the reporter to GO GET the story and not make excuses as to why they didn't receive it?
    Wouldn't take much to put them out of business BG!

  14. Anonymous4:51 PM

    U mad, bro?

  15. Anonymous4:55 PM

    Barry I agree 100%. Since Roy left the service/quality has gone down. I have found the messenger as entertaining and unbiased as Faux News.

  16. Anonymous5:18 PM

    They didn't print it because it was self-serving bullshit designed to sway public opinion with misinformation. Good for them. Maybe your client would agree to be interviewed by them without you telling him what to say. How about that, Green?

  17. Anonymous5:22 PM

    Is he using the Royal "we?"

  18. Anonymous5:40 PM

    WC Messenger just lost a listener...

    DF Jub Jub

  19. Anonymous5:46 PM

    I'll be your Runaway Bay reporter. With the city councilmen here with thier hand out, I will have lots of material. Now the mayor wants to limit free speech at coucil meetings. He doesnt like when council gets confronted about lies.

  20. Anonymous6:08 PM

    What's the matter, Green, not good enough lawyer to try your case in the courtroom?

  21. Goober6:11 PM

    "Our goal is to bring all the confirmed facts surrounding this case to light. Since it involves an elected county official, we believe it is our duty as a professional journalism institution."

    With the exception of Joe Duty and Kristen Tribe, The Wise County Messenger would not recognize a "professional journalism institution" if it jumped up and bit them in the ass, which I hope our esteemed blog writer and web manager does in the VERY near future. Just post a note on here and I will help any way possible FREE GRATIS!!!!

  22. Barry. Is. Breaking. Bad.

  23. Anonymous6:30 PM

    Hot Blog Prediction: this case will be the death of your blog.

  24. Anonymous6:43 PM

    Messernger represents fact and reality
    What they see a reality

  25. Anonymous6:45 PM

    I've long assumed you'd do something like you're intimating here as a retirement project.

    Do it, do it now it will work.

  26. Anonymous6:48 PM

    Keep up great blogging, Barry.


  27. Anonymous6:48 PM

    I agree with 6:11, Duty and Tribe are the only worthwhile collumns in The Messenger. However, The Messenger has for a LONG time known to ignore certain newsworthy situations. There's a lot of digging that some reporters could do, but don't. That is why Barry's blog is so popular. Everyone in Wise County knows to go to Barry's blog to get the story and different perspectives.

  28. Anonymous6:53 PM

    A few things regarding this: (NOTE: AN OLD LADY)

    1. Barry is a wannabe journalist.

    2. Barry didn't play many sports, so this is his way of competition with the media.

    3. Barry wants more hits on his blog.

    4. Barry is experiencing some guilt over the past with Mikel Richardson. (check it out).....

    5. Barry needs clients.

    6. 6:18 - I hope not, but it could be.

  29. Anonymous7:06 PM

    6:30 PM...LOL

  30. Anonymous7:09 PM

    Hey Goober, Are you married to Kristen Tribe?

  31. Anonymous8:52 PM

    You are correct. They sent a photographer 25 miles to Boonsville to photograph the seizure but they can't walk from the east side of the square to the west side of the square to talk to BG?

  32. Anonymous9:12 PM

    Who Is Barry Green?

  33. Goober9:27 PM

    To 7:09

    No, I am far too low for Kristen's moral objectivity and standards.

  34. Goober9:47 PM

    One last thought before I leave for Pakistan, back "in the day" there used to be an adage that went something like "Never get in a "pissing" contest with a man who buys ink by the barrel and paper by the bale." The Wise County Messenger in about to learn the 21st century update to that saying: You don't get in a "pissing" contest with a man who runs a local website, writes a blog, and has a loyal and VOCAL following!!!

  35. Goober10:01 PM

    And one more thing before I turn my phone off. The brain trust over @ The Wise County Messenger actually believe most of the negative comments directed at them come from people who are more "West Side" of the county. I can only reply, "My poor misguided friends...."

  36. Anonymous10:09 PM

    I feel bad for the schmuck that bought the WCM. Roy must be laughing all the way to the bank. Who buys a gd newspaper in this day and age?

  37. Anonymous5:57 AM

    I just hope there isn't any fallout for Barry over this.


  38. Anonymous6:41 AM

    I keep thinking of the little girl that lost her playhouse. I think projects like this would bring some upbeat moral in the work place. Is this all they have to do around here picking on someone for building a playhouse, sheesh. There have been inmates do work for a certain person but oh no that won't be told...
    Hint: He's a river rat.

  39. Anonymous6:58 AM

    Hey, 12:54:

    Can you explain, in really short words, why it's unethical for a defense attorney to issue a press release on behalf of his client, and then publicly plea for the Newspaper Of Record to publish that press release?

  40. Anonymous7:00 AM

    Barry, if you end up kicking off a news publication, just don't try to be your own copy editor, okay?

  41. Anonymous7:46 AM

    Can I be the weirdo who carries around the Barry versions of The Update?

  42. Anonymous8:10 AM

    This the same newspaper that won't write a story about how the Bridgeport Hospital is milking taxpayers outta their money.

  43. Anonymous8:36 AM

    Barry, not everyone knows about your blog. Yes, the Mess sure does. I think they are bias, so they really don't want to publish your sorry excuses for this man. And, I don't believe Mr. Eaton would have sent a photographer out there. Maybe he is guilty, but his wife & children are not. There was no sense in making such redidulous circus out of it...feel sorry for his family.

  44. Anonymous9:20 AM

    9:47 PM, you and many other posts here are delusional. What weight should the WCM give to "a loyal and VOCAL following" of anonymous gossips and whiners who follow the pitiful narcissistic ramblings of a self-indulged lawyer/wannabe-journalist? This blog is nothing but a manifestation of the old high school smart-a** trying to prove himself relevant and receiving credibility through the comments of like-minded idiots.

    Another Anon

  45. Anonymous10:38 AM's turning its back to its mission....

  46. Anonymous11:18 AM

    The Messenger is no better than a third rate tabloid.

  47. Anonymous12:28 PM

    According to the WCM, "(Green) didn't return calls to him on Wed & Thurs" I have found that this comment is CYA. Did they call at night when nobody answered?

    I pay $20/year to read the WCM on-line. I would gladly pay that to read from Green, as long as all subjects are covered.

  48. Anonymous12:48 PM

    Hey, 6:58, that would be because the rules of ethics that attorneys are supposed to be bound by prohibit any lawyer from making a public statement which is intended to affect or sway any potential jury pool, which of course, is exactly the purpose of this public statement. The worthless State Bar of Texas won't do anything about it as all they want is the $235 a year that all lawyers have to pay to remain eligible to practice law. But it's still the rule.

  49. Anonymous12:50 PM

    If they quoted "you"..........would you get to bill for that???

  50. Anonymous1:16 PM

    Don't beat around the bush,if you have an opinon just spit it out..

  51. Anonymous3:49 PM

    hey go easy on the messenger it is not their fault they have no clue on how to report on the true issues they will only report on what they wish to which is their right to do since they are privately owned. the mess. has went to shit the last couple of years and sadly most people keep on buying it i read the index for local news in print and go to barrys blog for latest news. remember the messenger will not survive without your money so dont buy it until they get their heads out of there butts and do what we want them to

  52. Anonymous5:50 PM

    Hire me as your copy editor! PLEASE!

  53. journalism 101 professor6:01 PM

    There is no apostrophe in "its" unless used as a contraction for "it is"

    Something else taught in Journalism 101

  54. Anonymous6:41 PM

    Barry, your press release states that the small amount of materials used would be valued at less than $100. That "playhouse" looks like a small condo and the windows alone would probably cost more than $100! Hell, I've had apartments smaller than that. Gimmee a break!

  55. Anonymous6:49 PM

    The Grapevine guy who ripped off the equipment and stored it at the Rhome fire department should have hired you.

  56. Anonymous7:25 PM

    1. It's the Decatur paper. Don't believe the title.

    2. Both BG and Ross are from the wrong side of Big Sandy.

  57. Anonymous9:06 PM

    Maybe if someone took a gun over to that newspaper office and shot their computer it would solve everything.

    Oh, wait. BG is one of those PC liberal weiner types who doesn't have guns.

    Never mind

  58. Anonymous10:11 PM

    I'm a liberal, a democrat and an Obama supportor. I have 4 guns, two of them are on my person all of the time, along with my CHL. Why do conservatives think liberals don't have guns?

  59. Anonymous6:07 AM

    10:11 - well said Marshall Dillon!

  60. Anonymous7:16 AM

    Decatur just needs to clean house starting with the chamber, city office, main street and more. The good old boys gotta go.

  61. Anonymous8:14 AM

    10:11, because those you support and vote for make it very plain that they want private gun ownership to become a thing of the past. A liberal, gun-owning democrat is a definite minority.

    1. Anonymous9:26 AM

      It's my humble opinion that most liberals don't oppose individual gun possession but they do question the need for assault weapons and criminals possessing any guns. Police forces also support these reasonable restrictions.

    2. Anonymous8:17 PM

      That shows exactly why your line of thinking is defective. Banning or limiting the ownership of so called assault weapons makes just about as much sense as trying to ban or limit the ownership of sport cars. I would bet my Ruger Mini 14 that people with sports cars have killed a hell of alot more people than citizens with assault weapons.

  62. Anonymous9:46 AM

    10:11, other than one small word choice difference that I would make, 8:14 is exactly correct. Where he/she said "gun-owning democrat is a definite minority.", I would have said "tiny" or "miniscule" minority, or something like that. Would you not agree with one of us on that point? Do you not know the public posture touted by the lib/Dem regarding concealed carry and individual ownership of guns? It is one voice in agreement. I suppose those of you who disagree are just silent on the matter.

  63. Anonymous9:54 AM

    10:11, based on your opening sentence, I seriously doubt whether you have the intelligence/reasoning power necessary to possess a firearm. I am afraid of you, and wish I knew your identity so that I could attempt to avoid being in your presence.

  64. Anonymous9:58 AM

    9:26, you are welcome to your opinion, and it could be accurate for all I know, but that position is not represented by the actions that liberal politicians have been taking for a long time regarding firearms.

  65. Anonymous10:28 AM

    lets get back on topic: This forum is about Barry pissing off the Messenger and so forth. Barry should do one of those polls to see who all reads the Messenger and who all reads the BLOG! I vote BLOG much more relyable

  66. Anonymous12:29 PM

    I wanted to comment, but what can I say that hadn't already been said. I'll try and get on earlier next time and try my hand at spreading hate and discontent.

    Nothing else to do on a cold wet day. :o)

  67. Anonymous1:42 PM

    Just tell me who you are and I will try not to scare you with my presence.

  68. Anonymous1:44 PM

    WOW!!! Almost a week has went by and they finally printed the PRESS RELEASE, as I sit at my desk and wonder will they also print it in this weeks paper?? So everyone can see that there is always two sides to every story...

  69. Anonymous2:18 PM


    The "professional journalism institution" must have decided to lower their standards; the "statement" is now posted on "The Update". I guess having Ross confirm the statement after today's commisoners meeting was good enough for them.

  70. Anonymous2:18 PM

    Oh look skippy knows how to use FACEBOOK.

  71. Anonymous10:19 PM

    Liberal Gun owners have smith and wesson's MP15's. Republicans own foreign made AK's.

  72. Anonymous9:40 AM

    Saying all liberals are against gun ownership because of a few is like saying all right wingers are are low IQ racists because of.....wait, that would be correct. I'll have to think of another analogy.

  73. Anonymous11:05 AM

    Anonymous said...
    I'm a liberal, a democrat and an Obama supportor. I have 4 guns, two of them are on my person all of the time, along with my CHL. Why do conservatives think liberals don't have guns?

    It is not that we think you don't have guns, just that your wrist is too limp to hold them. I would carry 2 guns on me at all times as well if I spent my time trolling Stop 6 for drugs and hookers like most local liberals.

  74. Anonymous7:50 PM

    I'm the liberal gun owner. Where is stop 6 and how do you know you can troll for drugs and hookers at that stop?